Soda Stream - Sparkling Water Maker

Many homes are now purchasing water dispensers as a way to get access to fresh, cold water easily and conveniently. These units offer water on demand while reducing any dependency you have on plastic bottles. Water dispensers help you save money and can also lessen your footprint on the environment.

Stay Hydrated

With convenient access to a water dispenser either in the home or office, it is a lot easier to stay hydrated. It is even easy for the kids to grab a glass of water whenever they need a drink. It also helps lessen our habit of grabbing a soft drink out of the refrigerator instead whenever we are thirsty.

Less Sugar

Sparkling water is a great alternative to soft drinks because even when you add flavoring to the water, it is still 50% less sugar than what you can find in a regular can of soft Drink.

Lower Blood Pressure

Two of the components in sparkling water are magnesium and calcium, and these can significantly lower your blood pressure.

Improve Digestion

Maintaining proper hydration is crucial for enhancing digestion, facilitating swallowing, and promoting a sense of fullness. While concerns have been raised about the potential negative impact of carbonation on bone health due to its acidity, these claims are unfounded. Extensive research has failed to establish any evidence linking carbonated water consumption to changes in the calcium levels within the body. Therefore, it is important to dispel the misconception that carbonated water adversely affects bone health as there is no substantiated basis for such claims.

Sparkling Versus Drinking Water

Sparkling water has been shown in several studies to hydrate you just as well as regular water does. If you think about it, sparkling water is really just regular water that has been infused with a bubbly carbon gas, so it really wouldn't be much different.

The taste of sparkling water is also a bit different than still water. You will find that sparkling water has a slightly tangy taste to it because of the carbonic acid. You can then flavor the sparkling water with a variety of different options, including lime, lemon, and grapefruit.

The Future of Water

The future of water is here, and it is SodaStream. While there are many varieties of sparkling water makers available, you will find that SodaStream is one of the best for a variety of different reasons.

If you're a devoted enthusiast of sparkling water, it's highly likely that you're well acquainted with the renowned brand SodaStream. At this stage, the only task that lies ahead is to narrow down your options and discover the ideal model that perfectly suits your home.


With a regular water dispenser, you just have access to flat water. Yes, many water dispensers have hot water, cold water, and room temperature water options, but some people grow bored very quickly of just regular water.

A sparkling water system can provide you with a great alternative and will keep you away from those sugar-filled drinks you often reach for to get you through your day. With so many flavours to choose from, you will also have access to drinks that very closely resemble your favorite sparkling beverages only they have 50% less sugar than traditional soft drinks.

For a quick pick me up in the morning, you can also make a bottle of sparkling water and add in a dash of your favourite juice.

So, before you shop around for a water dispenser for the home, consider the many advantages you will have when choosing a sparkling water maker instead.

A water dispenser, on the other hand, will definitely need to be plugged in so you can take advantage of its hot and cold water features.