Sparkling Water Makers

Save the planet Save the planet

Live sustainably by reducing single-use plastic.

Stay hydrated Stay hydrated

Enjoy fresh sparkling water just the way you like it.

Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles. Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles.

Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles.

Create healthy, delicious soft drinks, cocktails and more.

Sparkling Water Makers

Here we have our full range of Sparkling Water Makers, offering the best options available in Australia. Each of these models is a great addition to a kitchen, providing a means to make fresh soda water, but don’t be fooled because SodaStreams are so much more than just water carbonators.

Your SodaStream sparkling water machine will also allow you to make a variety of soda beverages from the comfort of your own kitchen. Paired with one of our many syrups, you can enjoy Pepsi Max, Zero Orange Mango, Lipton Ice Tea and a bevy of beverages without ever leaving the house or having to lug heavy bottles back from the shops. They are perfect as a home water carbonator and for making soft drinks at home easily.

With the purchase of a SodaStream Sparkling Water machine, you are also helping to save our planet, by reducing your intake of single-use plastics. Whether you choose the classic Terra, Art, or the E-Terra Electric Model for three levels of fizz, your SodaStream sparkling water maker will become a staple in your household as a soft drink maker.