SodaStream – The Perfect Soft Drink Maker- old

If you’re looking for a greener, healthier, guilt-free alternative to sugary drinks, SodaStream is the perfect choice as a soft drink maker. There are so many benefits to owning your own sparkling water maker at home to make your own soft drinks. Below we are outlining some our all-time favourites to help get you started. 

With SodaStream, you choose the carbonation level 

Not only do you have the freedom to choose whichever flavour suits your taste at a quantity that suits your lifestyle, but the carbonation level is entirely in your hands. If you ever thought your favourite soft drink or sparkling water could’ve done with a little less or a little more fizz, then SodaStream is exactly the kitchen appliance you need.

When you purchase a SodaStream sparkling water maker to make your homemade soft drink, it automatically comes  with a CO2 cylinder and a reusable BPA-free bottle. SodaStream users can choose up to three levels of carbonation or have precise control of the exact level of carbonation with just the touch  of a button. Whether you like your bubbles to be super light or jumping out of your glass, SodaStream puts the choice in your hands.

You’ll never have to throw away half-finished drinks that have gone flat. With SodaStream, you can simply revitalise your soft drink with a simple touch of a button.

When you run out of gas, SodaStream users can simply swap the cylinder  and your favourite soft drink can be prepared any time you want, right in your kitchen.

Mix it up with a variety of flavour choices

SodaStream offers an impressive selection of flavours, allowing you to unleash your creativity and craft your very own signature soft drinks. With a delightful array of options, you can keep your taste buds tantalized with refreshing and fruity choices like orange, mango, and lemon. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our organic kombucha syrup or indulge in the timeless allure of classic flavours such as lemon-lime bitters and creamy soda. These enticing options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the astonishing range of sparkling water flavours at your disposal. The potential for creating the perfect soft drink is limitless, opening up a world of endless possibilities.
SodaStream offers a remarkable feature when it comes to flavors—they are available in both syrup and concentrated forms. This grants you the freedom to customize not only the carbonation level but also the intensity of flavor. With complete control over the amount of flavor you desire, you can bid farewell to generic, one-size-fits-all beverages.

Gone are the days of excessively syrupy and overly sweet drinks. Now, you have the power to tailor your soft drink precisely to suit your taste buds. You dictate the concentration of flavor and the desired level of sweetness. Should you feel inclined to mix and match, there are no restrictions holding you back! The SodaStream is your canvas for experimentation, allowing you to concoct your very own distinctive and effervescent creations.

Keep everyone in the house happy

The great thing about the SodaStream sparkling water maker is that you don’t need to make a syrup-based soft drink. You can simply carbonate your water for a refreshing, sparkling drink. This makes the SodaStream great for those who don’t drink soft drinks  or those with kids who want to cut back on the sugar. This is because SodaStream flavours come with 50% less sugar than their store-bought counterparts.

SodaStream flavours come in diet, unsweetened, and caffeine-free flavours. Additionally, all SodaStream products are kosher-certified! If you’ve got particular diet restrictions, we’ve got your back. SodaStream is committed to bringing fun to everyone.

SodaStream is environmentally-friendly and reduces plastic waste

An added benefit to the SodaStream sparkling water maker is our dedication to the ecosystem. Each SodaStream machine comes with a reusable, dishwasher-safe bottle.

Did you know single-use plastics contribute to roughly half of the plastic production in the world, but only 23% of plastic bottles are recycled? With SodaStream’s reusable bottles, SodaStream users can reduce their single-use plastic use and, in tandem, their carbon footprint. One SodaStream carbonation bottle can replace over 3,000 disposable plastic bottles and their waste.

Not only does using a SodaStream cut back on millions of plastic waste, but by choosing to make your sparkling water drinks at home, SodaStream users help reduce the massive amounts of energy that goes into making and transporting plastic and canned drinks.

Additionally, SodaStream allows users to recycle and exchange their CO2 gas cylinders easily through our dealer network. Recycling your CO2 gas cylinder helps reduce any further waste as each cylinder is inspected, sterilised, and refilled with CO2 to be reused.

If you need a soft drink alternative, SodaStream is the way to go

The advantages of using a SodaStream sparkling water maker instead of a single-use plastic bottle of soft drink are endless.

So if you love sparkling water, don’t hesitate to pick up one of SodaStream’s sparkling water makers. Shop our line of sparkling water makers and flavours today.