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SodaStream Cylinders are refilled right here in Australia.

Once you return your cylinder to your preferred retailer, the empty cylinder makes a journey back to SodaStream Australia's headquarters located in Knoxfield, Victoria.

The first step of that journey is Pick Up. Our network of over 1,200 trucks and drivers from around Australia make their way to our retail doors to collect all of SodaStream's empty cylinders.


All SodaStream Cylinders are Triple Quality Checked.

Upon arrival, our Melbourne based operations team ensure that all cylinders are in perfect condition to be refilled and reused.

Each returned cylinder is individually inspected by our team - if they do not pass a visual inspection, the valves are polished by machine or replaced.

From here our Retest Team, each certified with high level qualifications, put our cylinders to the test. Once each cylinder passes it is given the tick of approval by our Retest Team, and is then sent off to be refilled.


Filled with 60 litres of Gas!

These cylinders are then placed on our Filling Line and filled with high quality food grade CO2 sourced from Air Liquide Australia.

Here we blast clean the cavity to make sure it is spotless before refilling it with CO2.

A few more safety and weight checks are undertaken to ensure your cylinder has been filled to capacity. One final visual inspection is undertaken by one of our local team members before your cylinder is boxed up and loaded for dispatch.


Back on shelves in over 6000 stores around Australia.

From our warehouse, each full cylinder is then transported back through the same Australia wide transport network, into our 6000 strong retail doors around the country, including Big W, Kmart, Coles, Coles Express, Woolworths, Good Guys, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Target, David Jones, Myer, IGA, Officeworks and many more independents across the country.