What is an online CO2 exchange and how does it work?

Carbonating cylinders create the bubbles. After some time, the carbonating cylinder runs out of CO2. We offer an online exchange in which you get a new carbonating cylinder in exchange for your empty one for only the price of the CO2. When you order a CO2 refill at SodaStream.com.au, we will send you full cylinder(s).

Our CO2 Refill program has 2 easy steps to get you back to bubbling! Follow the instructions to return your cylinders.

Step 1:
Pack your empty cylinders in a box for collection if you have one, however you do not need to pack your empty cylinders in any form of packaging if you do not have anything suitable on hand, simply leave the empty cylinders out loose for collection.

  • Keep in mind that you can only send back 60L cylinders for online CO2 exchange in the original box.
  • Please do not send 4L, 130L, and competitor cylinders, as they will not be accepted.

Step 2:
You should leave your empty cylinders in a safe location that the SodaStream delivery driver can easily access. This location can be specified at the time of order if it is not obvious, or physically handed over to the delivery driver.

You must have an equal number of empty SodaStream cylinders to exchange at the time of delivery. If an equal number of empty SodaStream cylinders are NOT available to collect, the driver will not complete your delivery.

Sparkle Pro-tip:

  • SodaStream recommends keeping a spare cylinder handy so that when one cylinder runs out, you simply swap the empty cylinder online or at a store near you. This way, you'll keep enjoying fresh bubbly drinks without interruption!
  • Exchange 2 or more cylinders for free shipping (a single cylinder exchange will incur a $10 shipping fee).