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You can swap Gas Cylinders at any of our retailer partners. - No PO Box Deliveries on all orders

Big Bubbles, Small Footprint.

Proud to introduce our new Reducing Carbon Footprint Label. SodaStream is committed to protecting the environment

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One Home. One Planet.

By 2025, SodaStream is pledging to eliminate nearly 67 billion single-use plastic bottles.

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Swap your empty cylinders at any retailer, or purchase a spare here.

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Create Delicious Bubbly Drinks!

Organic cola. A sparkling delight you can enjoy any time.
Choose from over 25 Flavours

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Should have bought one years ago!

"I’ve wasted so much money through the years by buying bottled soda water. Not anymore! This Sparkling Water Maker makes it so easy and I'm saving plastic bottles. I highly recommend!"

Megan J.
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