Mid Morning Fresh Recipes & Ingredients

Looking for some fresh and easy recipes to keep you hydrated in the morning? Or are you wondering why it is morning hydration so important in the first place?

Why is it important to hydrate after a night’s sleep

When you wake up after a night’s sleep, your body is very likely to be dehydrated. It’s important to start your day on a good note and hydrate as optimum hydration promotes mental clarity, a healthy digestion and circularity system, not to mention helping you to feel fuller for longer and make smarter food choices.

Avoid Drinks with Sugar

It may sound controversial, but it’s best to avoid sugar filled energy drinks, sickly sweet sugary sodas or sugar loaded coffee, as these might give you a quick shot of energy in the short term, but they are absolutely guaranteed to have you crash and give you that mid-morning low.

Drink Sparkling Water in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, opt for a glass of fresh sparkling water. The best part is, there are no additives (such as sodium, which can be found in many pre-packaged drinks), it saves you money by making it at home and it’s better for the environment by cutting down on plastic waste. Plus it’s more exciting to drink than plain tap water!

Add Flavour to you Sparkling Water

If you are looking to add some flavour, a squeeze of lemon juice is not only delicious, but the Vitamin C gives your body an immunity boost plus it is good for our skin! You can even get creative and experiment with some herbs, cucumber, and fruit infused with your sparkling water to help you hydrate. All of these ingredients are low sugar, low carb and low calorie, whilst being great sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

You can also infuse your sparkling water with Tea for a tasty twist. Tea is an amazing drink, as it has many benefits, including improved insulin sensitivity, maintenance of healthy blood pressure and the reduction in risk of heart disease. And with so many caffeine free teas available, you can stay hydrated, without affecting your sleep pattern. I always like to have a bottle of sparkling water infused with herbal tea by my side throughout the day to help me hydrate and to give me the goodness of antioxidants.

And if you are looking for something more like your favourite sodas, SodaStream have adelicious range of ZEROES flavours that will give you that flavour fix without the sugar hit that will have you crashing later!

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