Mid-Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Drink Ideas (That Aren’t Coffee)

It’s 3pm and you are finding it difficult to concentrate, you’re tired, everything seems like more of a chore than normal and are desperate to reach for a sweet treat! It’s the 3pm slump.

But how do you combat it? The first step is to figure out what’s actually impacting your energy levels – Ask yourself some questions like… Did you eat breakfast or skip lunch? When was the last time you went for a walk? Have you had sugary foods or drinks? These can all factor into your energy levels in the afternoon. But more often than not, it’s dehydration that’s affecting our mood.

You might be guilty of skipping breakfast and having a coffee instead, but you aren’t alone! Often, we don’t think about grabbing a drink of water until we’re really thirsty; but by then the fatiguing effects of dehydration may already be kicking in. 

Did you know, often when we think we are hungry, we are actually only dehydrated? A glass of water is always a great option – this is where SodaStream comes in, as like many others, you may struggle to drink boring old regular tap water and drink more when it’s bubbly!

Sparkling water can keep you just as hydrated as regular water and if you are trying to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet, it is also a good way to give you that hit of bubbles without all that added sugar. Which in turn helps you with your eating habits because you won’t be craving junk food. 

But what if you struggle to drink plain water, even when it’s bubbly? What can I do? Well, you can add in some flavour to make it more appealing - SodaStream do a great selection of better-for-you flavours, which can help you get in those all-important 8 glasses a day!

A great option are the ZEROES flavours, which contain no added sugar. You can always add some fresh fruit to it your sparkling water too to make it extra special!

Some extra lemon or lime juice if you like it sour, watermelon cubes in summer, even some muddled berries to add some extra flavour to your water and give you a little boost with some natural sugar!

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