Everything you need to know about your CO2 Cylinder

Today we’re going to talk to you about the magic that powers your SodaStream machine and puts the bubbles in your water – your CO2 cylinder!

How many liters does 1 SodaStream CO2 Cylinder make?

Each 410g CO2 Cylinder can make up to 60L of sparkling water,. depending on the level of carbonation and type of Sparkling Water Maker.

Swap your CO2 Cylinder

When you run out of CO2, don’t settle for flat water! You can swap your empty CO2 Cylinder for a full one at your local retailer, it’s super easy! Just head to our store locator to find your closest swap spot. You should only pay the price for a refill, which is cheaper than buying a spare!

How do you know when you CO2 gas cylinder is empty?

There are a couple of ways to check. The first is looking if you see CO2 gas entering the water when you press the carbonation button. If your CO2 cylinder still has CO2, it will have gas entering the bottle, but not as much as normal, making the water flatter than usual.

You should also be able to hear a gentle “pfft” sound after a press or two on the carbonation button. If your CO2 cylinder is empty, you won’t hear the spluttering, nor will you have bubbles in your water after carbonating. Also, a bubbly tip: If you’re fizzy water obsessed then make sure to have a spare CO2 cylinder on hand, so you never have to worry about being out of bubbles!

What does SodaStream do with the empty CO2 cylinders?

But what happens to your empty CO2 cylinder when it’s returned to a store? Well it certainly doesn’t go to waste! The empty CO2 cylinder makes its way back to our local filling station, right here in Melbourne, Australia, to be refilled.

Once it gets to our warehouse, the CO2 cylinder undergoes our stringent triple quality check. First it is fully emptied, cleaned, inspected and then filled with fresh, food-grade CO2., before getting a tamper proof seal and being sent back out to retail stores, to be reused again and again, so you can create fresh bubbles at home… whenever you like… without the waste.

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