Creating Instagram-worthy drinks

Looking to make some bubbly beverages that will wow your guests? We’ve gathered our best tips and tricks for you to add a sparkle to their smiles!

The Golden Rule For The Gram

The fundamental rule for making drinks that will wow is that you can’t forget to make it taste delicious – if it doesn’t taste good, it won’t get shared on social media! If you are looking for some delicious recipes to get you started, check out our online Mixology Book and don’t be afraid to experiment with our delicious collection of fizzy flavours.

Glassware Matters!

Next, it’s important to consider the glass you are serving it in – this isn’t just about what looks good, the shape can affect the flavor too. For instance, a coupe glass looks great, but if you have a bubbly beverage such as sparkling wine or water it will go flat a lot faster than in a highball glass as there is a lot more surface area for the carbonation to escape.

Give It A Garnish!

We eat with our eyes, so your drink has to look good as well as taste great. Try adding some pieces of fresh fruit or berries of a cocktail skewer or pick – this is a really easy and effective way of decorating your drink and can be as simple as skewering a few small fruits and placing them on the rim of your glass!

If you are feeling creative, you can even use your cocktail pick to skewer slices or apple or a fruit of your choice into a fan shape, which a simple and effective way to add some wow factor to your drink.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

If you are feeling adventurous and have time up your sleeve, another great garnish idea is to get creative with your ice cubes – using shaped moulds and/or adding berries or herbs is a great way of adding a decorative touch without needing to be a master artist!

Feeling Floral?

Another great way to add some colour and interest to your drink is with an edible flower! Whether it’s dried or fresh, adding a floral touch is a sure fire way to add a simple and stunning touch to your drink that will get your friends snapping away!

Get Creative With Citrus

Finally, you can do a million creative garnishes a citrus peel! It may seem intimidating at first, but soon your inner artist will come to the forefront and you’ll be surprised with what you can make!

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